GEDCo’s Statement


   Under the current electricity crisis , the successive political changes ,and  the Palestinian reconciliation being obstructed , GEDCo face huge  obstacles as a result of  these changes also  the difficult economic situations  have negatively affected all life aspects in Gaza Strip , in addition to its impacts on GEDCo’s work

In the light of this situation , GEDCo  clarify  the followings:

Firstly :GEDCo  face huge difficulties in saving the required revenues  for securing the fuels used for operating the Gaza Power Plant and to meet its various  obligations  toward the energy suppliers and its operational expenses to continue providing the electricity service

Secondly : The difficult  economic  situation and the  various pressures will largely affect  our ability to continue  providing  the electricity service and we are worried   of being  unable to do our  regular  responsibilities

Thirdly : GEDCo emphasize that  such catastrophic  situation will pose a severe danger upon all life , humanitarian and environmental aspects for all Gaza Strip population  and will have negative impacts on all sectors especially water sector, health services and all vital basic services and people living

Fourthly : GEDCo main threat is to be unable to fulfill its obligations  due to the difficult situation in Gaza Strip ,  this will negatively affect its  ability to manage the work administratively ,financially and technically

Fifthly : GEDCo call upon all political and national parties to assume the responsibility to treat this deepening crisis as soon as possible

Sixthly : GEDCo call upon the international community , human rights and relief  institutions  to swiftly intervene to avoid further deterioration  of electricity  services  and the stop of all vital services related to electricity .


Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation