Press release issued by Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation (GEDC0)

   Under the current electricity crisis  and the tremendous sufferings endured by GEDCo and the Palestinian People in Gaza Governorates due  to the huge deficit in the available electricity amounts  and by the exaggerating of the crisis  and the severity of its repercussions and consequences  due to the reduction of the  electricity  comes from the Israeli side through ten feeding lines  from 120 MW to 70 MW simultaneous with  the shutdown of Gaza Power Plant due to the lack of fuel to operate the power plant turbines and the recurrent breakdown of the Egyptian feeders .

In the light of this difficult situation , GEDCo clarify the following :

Firstly: GEDCo represent the  distribution sector in Gaza Governorates and its responsibility to distribute the available electricity amounts from the  various supply sources

Secondly : Gaza Strip current electricity demand  reached 600 MW while the available electricity amounts reached only to 70 MW supplied from the Israeli side noting that the Gaza Power Plant is shutdown due to the lack of fuel also the Egyptian feeding lines frequently broken down  , this has  increased the deficit rate to reach more than 85% .

Thirdly: distributing the available electricity amounts against  Gaza Strip needs has been within emergency schedule reflect the available electricity amounts  against the demand which ends down to supply each area with only  2 hours per a day since July 2017.

Fourthly : GEDCo emphasized that such catastrophic situation constitutes severe  danger upon all  life, humanitarian and environmental aspects for all Gaza population ,and  will have negative impacts  on all the humanitarian sectors especially water sector , health services  and all vital basic services and people living .

Fifthly: the huge deficit in the electricity is considered as one of the main obstacle which  interrupts GEDCo work and affect it negatively in the technical, administrative and financial fields and weakens its ability to meet its obligations and executing the development projects.

Sixthly: GEDCo call upon all  political and national parties to assume the responsibility to treat this deepening crisis as soon as possible through returning the electricity amounts reduced by the Israeli side immediately and not putting the obstacles and limitations on making available  the required fuel for operating Gaza Power Plant , this will contribute in alleviating the huge sufferings upon more than 2 million people in Gaza Strip and avoiding the imminent catastrophe   in the public services and utilities .

Seventhly:  GEDCo calls upon the international community  in its political formations, organization and humanitarian institutions  to hold the responsible for the current electricity crisis

Eighthly :GEDCo calls upon the citizens to leave space for the technical crews of GEDCO  to control the available  electrical quantities and  to fulfill their duties and obligations toward the company thus the current deficit of the electricity is too large .

                                                                        Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation


                                                                          Thursday   13/07/2017