Agreements and partnerships

Agreements and partnerships

Introduction :

   Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation (GEDCo) seeks to promote and enhance  the cooperation between  all organizational bodies and the various national institutions in all fields on the basis of the mutual benefits in the frame of the administrative , knowledgeable and technical cooperation   to serve and uplift the society , keep its resources and secure what is required to achieve its benefits either these arise from the Islamic religion or from the ethics and the culture of the Palestinian community mentioned in  the national regulations    

The Current Partnership

Institution Signature Date


General Personnel Council (GPC) Gaza April , 2018 Enhancing the relationships  and exchanging the benefits between GPC and GEDCo .
University College of applied sciences (UCAS) – Gaza May 2018 Enhancing the  mutual  cooperation in all fields especially the scientific studies , consultancies, and harnessing all the available potentials to serve and uplift the society