In the presence of the General Director of the Palestinian Telecommunication Company in Gaza , GEDCo officially inaugurates the call and Marketing Center –via the number 133


GEDCo has inaugurated the call  and information Center in the presence of Eng. Sameer Mutair ,the Chairman of GEDCo’s Board of Directors, Eng. Khalil Abu Saleem, the General Director of Pal Tel Company in Gaza and group of Managers, engineers and guests.

This center has recently been established and launched for receiving the calls and various signals  and achieving the quick response to be developed as an integrated call center to perform other tasks and to provide other services such as  telemarketing , providing the  customers with the best services .

the center has made a significant breakthrough on the level of receiving calls from the citizens. It has received more than 800,000 calls since its start on 18/7/2017, most of the signals had been dealt with.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony , Eng. Samir Mutair, the Chairman of GEDCo’s Board of Directors welcomed Eng. Khalil Abu Saleem and all guests, stressing that this achievement is an evidence of the true partnership between GEDCo and the Palestinian Telecommunication Company. He appreciated the efforts of all parties which  have contributed in establishing  and equipping the center especially the ICRC, hoping  that  an additional support would be provided by the international bodies to enable GEDCo to execute  similar projects  which will contribute highly  in  improving  the quality of services provided to the  citizens

from his side , Eng. Khalil Abu Saleem  presents his thanks to  GEDCo for receiving him in the opening ceremony of the call center and praises the performance of the call center  during the previous period .