GEDCo has completed a training course for the companies working in the installation of smart meters system

    GEDCo  has finished a training course entitled ( the work of the smart meters system). The workshop which was held in Commodore Gaza Hotel  targets the companies working in this field in order to increase  the efficiency of the work and  to help these companies to be acquainted with the mechanism of the smart meters work and the technical specification required in case of staring  the preparation of the meters boards.

Eng. Maher Ayesh, the General Director Assistant of the technical affairs, welcomed the attendees clarifying that the training course context will include  discussions about   the mechanism of the smart meter system work  ,  and the field  installation of these meters ,he also noted to the necessity of differentiating  between all kinds of meters  which are directly or indirectly  connected through  the  work regulations  permitted in the company adding that this project  comes under the directives of  Eng. Sameer Mutair , chairman of GEDCo’s board of directors who has supported all new and strategic projects which  contribute largely in developing the work in the company .