GEDCo held a meeting for the company branches about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) system

    The planning unit in GEDCo arranged a meeting about KPIs system for GEDCo’s branches in the presence of GEDCo’s branches managers  , commercial departments  managers and some relevant GEDCo’s employees.

In His part, Eng. Mahmoud Abuhaya ,GEDCo’s planning unit manager, made a presentation about what have been achieved in regard to the KPIs system , he clarified the mechanism of determining key performance indicators and the different stages to conclude KPIS system document .

    During the meeting ,the process of assessing GEDCo’s branches performance through the KPIs system were discussed in details considering the mechanism to determining the key performance indicators which would impact the assessment process.

   Also ,it was discussed how to calculate the achievement ratio of key performance indicators and the optimal way to extract  the final results of the  KPIS which will reflect the real performance of the  GEDCo’s branches.

   At the end of the meeting it was agreed on the way to determine Ratio KPI weights  which would impact the assessment process of GEDCo’s branches performance . The  planning unit in GEDCo will follow up the KPIs system and the outputs of this meeting with all the relevant departments and key persons in GEDCo to prepare what is required.