General Director Message

As electricity is not a normal commodity which can be stocked up and that its stock can be dealt with when becomes scarce or absent, and as its not a commodity service where the crisis confined to specific and limited use circle..

Because the electricity is the main factor for the human activities , its the most important for all services if it’s available, and its the main factor in the crisis if its not available , and no two differ on the existence of the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip since several years..

GEDCo’s role is an operational role guided by national and ethical responsibility. It’s duty is to distribute the electricity that is supplied to GEDCo and not to bring and transport the electricity from sources.

The immanence fact for our area of work since years is that the Gaza electricity and what it has been suffered off is part of the over all crisis in which the Gaza Strip has been suffered off, despite the complications this situation carries, and despite what GEDCo has been through in the past years till today from the severe shortage of the supplied electricity , GEDCo has been able to stay in front in the field and with a degree of responsibility in performing its tasks and continuing to develop in a record time , by implementing thousands of large and small projects through effective utilization of the company’s available potentials. .

This has been testified by our steadfast people in Gaza Strip , who have seen GEDCo’ employees risking their lives day and night for others to live..

The concerted and the alignment of efforts, sincerity of intentions are important factors that can lead us with great and high confidence towards achieving our goal of providing electricity service that meet the needs of our people in the Gaza Strip..