About GEDCo

About GEDCo

  • Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation (GEDCo) is a private limited company (ltd)  owned by Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and Local Authorities (Municipalities and Local Councils)
  • GEDCo has five branches its main office is located in the city of Gaza , it aims to distribute the electricity to customers in all Gaza Governorates
  • The responsibilities of GEDCo are collection the electricity invoices, technical supervision, maintenance works, and development of Low Voltage &Medium Voltage networks  .

GEDCo’s Incorporation :

GEDCo was established in 1998 pursuant  to  the Council of Minister’s Resolution No.11 of the year 1999.Duties and responsibilities of distribution electrical energy was transferred from the different municipalities in Gaza Strip to GEDCo, the first bill was issued in 1998, GEDCo provides service to the whole area in Gaza governorates as GEDCo has 5 branches in the Northern District, middle area khanyouins area Rafah area and Gaza city. The service is provided to an area of 360 km square to around two million Palestinian people

GEDCo’s General Objectives

  • Securing efficient and sustainable electric supply for all customers according to the international standards
  • Promoting the electric services to higher level of quality and sustainability
  • Developing and deploying information technology systems in all GEDCo works
  • Developing the distribution networks and building connection networks to connect Gaza Power Plant with Khanyounes ,Rafah Governorates and with Northern Governorate
  • Replacing the overhead Medium Networks with Underground cables in the public streets and new residential areas
  • Install new electrical transformers and maintain the already installed electrical transformers.
  • Improve the system and the taken activities of the safety measures and precaution on the network and improve the environmental safety.
  • Rehabilitation of the old distribution networks and replacing them with new networks.
  • Ensuring the electric services to all consumption sectors ( residential, industrial, commercial sectors and the governmental sites) according to the technical
  •  Developing  the distribution networks to meet the increasing  loads due to the increase in the energy demand
  • Fixing  the losses and the damages incurred as a result of the Israeli measures and deploying  a fast way to reconnect the electrical energy to the people and to repair the faults .
  • Conducting the needed researches to set up future plans to extend and improve the entire distribution network
  • Receiving the electricity from the energy sources and distributing it to all consumption sectors throughout the electrical distribution networks
  • Treating the overloading of the electrical networks and setting the required solutions