Chairman of GEDCo’s Board of Directors Message

Chairman of GEDCo’s Board of Directors Message

GEDCo works in in its five branches in all Gaza Governorates to provide its various services to all customers in all Gaza Governorates . it also optimizes the use of the available electricity amounts by enhancing  the electricity distribution schedules for all areas in the Gaza Strip  to operate all services and utilities . GEDCo seeks throughout its strategic plans for the years (2018-2021) to achieve the strategic vision which is to provide the customers with most reliable and high quality power supply through developing electric networks and managing  the distribution of energy  efficiently and effectively in addition to strengthening the relationship with  customers

GEDCo works in executing the development processes in all  administrative , technical and commercial levels , this appears throughout  developing GEDCo’s cadres and implementing the strategic projects such as SCADA project , Call Center and GIS project and other projects which improve GEDCo’s capacities and its services

GEDCo also seek to improve the customer services through developing the work in all the company branches in order to be able to receive the customers and provide the services appropriately and improving the quality of services and in order to achieve this , there has been ongoing developments on the various electronic services as well as improving the other services such as reading and distributing the electricity bills .

Actually , GEDCo works in a very difficult situation , it has been facing  many problems related to one of the most important factor for achieving the success  for the distribution companies  which is the lack of the available electricity quantities  to be distributed in addition to the difficult economic situation in which all Gaza Strip population suffers from and other main problems related to the public servants salaries besides the Gaza Strip in under suffocating siege ,this causes increasing the customers electricity dues and minimizing GEDCo’s ability to collect the cost of electricity or to save the required cost for fuel needed to operate Gaza Power Plant for more extra hours .

The current  electricity shortage  crisis  and its negative repercussions affects the performance of GEDCo , depleting its  potentialities , increasing the electricity losses rate , and the deterioration of the infrastructure , this will lead to increasing the illegal infractions on the electricity networks, which may exacerbate the crisis .


Therefore, we assure that GEDCo and its various team  have been working around the clock to provide the necessary services to the customers as much as possible , but it cannot continue without the support of its customers  to stand with GEDCo to be able to meet the huge challenges that face  the electricity sector in the Gaza Strip .