Announcement of contracting with specialized offices in the field of debt collection

Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation (GEDCo) announces its need to contract with companies or offices specialized in the debts collection, in order to collect the accumulated debts of the GEDCo’s customers and follow up these debts, including taking legal and judicial procedures, provided that the following conditions are met in the companies and offices wishing to submit :

  • Specialized in the field of debts collection and has a special office with known address and has a valid trade license.
  • Has experience in debts collection for at least 5 years.
  • Submit a certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance stating that it is registered with a licensed VAT operator indicating the registration number.
  • Submission of a tax invoice, tax deduction and certificate of exemption from customs.
  • Has the ability to provide a bank guarantee.
  • Has suitable and specialized staff to work in this field of work.
  • Has the ability to work within the financial system, administrative and legal applied in GEDCo.
  • Qualified law firms under the above conditions and experience of ten years are allowed to practice a profession.

Companies and offices wishing to work with GEDCo in this field must submit the company’s profile and the office, which explains the mechanism of work which is being followed by , the means and procedures to deal with the customers, clarifying the administrative structure and the number of employees to work in the collection of the debts of GEDCo and the nature of their work.

The files will be submitted at GEDCo’s headquarters located in in Gaza city -Jamal Abdel Nasser St “Thalathini” at the Personnel Affairs Department – the ground floor within two weeks from the date of publication of the advertisement during the official working hours of GEDCo.