Invitation for bid No. 03/2018

Bid Announcement No. 03/2018

Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation (GEDCo)

Title: – Supply and install Video conference equipment

GEDCo announces for the mentioned bid according to the following appointments and information :

The deadline for submission the bids is on Wed morning 31/01/2018 until the opening hours of the bids at 12:00 noon.

– Bidding documents can be obtained from the Purchasing Department at GEDCo headquarter in Gaza city -Jamal Abdel Nasser St “Thalathini” starting from Monday, 22/01/2018 noting that the price of bidding  documents is 50 NIS (unreturned amount).

–  Each bids must be accompanied with a security deposit 3% of the total value of the bid whether it’s a bank guarantee or a certified bank check or cash.

– Prices must include all types of taxes.

– The cost of advertising fee for the bid Announcement (for two days) will be at the expense of awarded tenderer .

– It will be paid no attention to any bids don’t comply with what is stated in bidding Announcement

– Comply with all the general and special conditions stated in the bidding document .

– The price of the bidding document is free for those who have previously  purchased it.

  • Telefax 08/2888481 – PO Box 1265.
  • Email:

Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation (GEDCo)